Prosthetics is the art of replacing missing or damaged  teeth. And an art it is.  We recreate natural looking teeth that provide proper function and occlusal (bite) stability.
     One way to replace a missing tooth or teeth is to have an IMPLANT(S).  Our team works very closly with not only the surgeon who places your implant fixture by means of good communication and presurgical appliance (stent) support, but also with the technical support specialists of the implant manufacturer to ensure we  have a great end result.                                                                                                                                                We've all seen people that have crowns on their front teeth that are dark by the gumline.Those days are long gone! Current technology and materials allow us to restore your smile beautifully. We even have CROWNS as well as BRIDGES that are made with CUBIC ZIRCONIA for strength. That's right, man-made DIAMOND.                                   
     Our most cost effective choice of prosthetics is a PARTIAL DENTURE where all the missing teeth in one arch are replaced at one time for one fee. We even have special ATTACHMENTS  that allow for greater appliance stability  and superior cosmetics.