Periodontal disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Untreated, the end result  is pain, reduced chewing capacity, loss of teeth , mouth odor, a substantial  reduction in cosmetics, and ultimately the task and expense of prosthetic replacement.
     Preiodontal disease is caused by bacterial accumilation in the mouth which leads to infection that induces your own body to battle the toxins and leads to tissue destruction.                                                                                     Factors that affect the severity and speed of periodontal disease are: smoking, stress, trapped food, diabetes, white blood cell defect, poor diet, misaligned teeth, genetics, but most importantly, poor brushing and flossing technique or frequency. Too many people take a vacation from regular professional dental care for whatever reason, allowing tartar to build up under their gums and accelerate the destructive effects of the disease.                Treatment of periodontal disease begins with a thorough evaluation of the supporting bone and gums which includes  the recording of pocket depths, gum recession, tooth mobility, and a close inspection of bone morphology on available x-rays.                                                                             Our approach to treatment is two-fold. First, we remove the calcified debris and stain from the roots of your teeth so that the gums can heal and readapt to the teeth. Secondly, we must improve the level of hygiene on a day to day basis. If you continue to brush and not floss the way you had been accustomed to, nothing will change. The disease will return regardless of what we've done for you. We will give you intense hands-on bushing and flossing instruction, several times, and test your progress regularly.                      Roughly two months after treatment, after checking to see if your oral hygiene level is still elevated, we follow up byreassessing the health of your gums and try to establish a prognosis for each tooth. If there are remaining trouble sites, we will discuss your options available in attaining a healthy mouth. A maintenance game plan must be in place to insure success.