Call our office at 483-8123 0r 483-8122 during regular office hours of 8am to 6pm Monday through Thursday. 
Otherwise call at my home 483-0301. If you cannot reach us and it truly is an emergency in your opinion, go to the EMERGENCY ROOM for help.                                                                              
TRAUMA - If you can not reach us, go to the emergency room where they will contact an oral surgeon on call.                                                                      
AVULSION - If the entire tooth (root and all)  has been knocked out, place the tooth in a cup of MILK, and bring it in with you.Try not to handle the root end more than absolutely necessary. TIME is of the essence. Note the time of accident and get to the dentist ASAP.                                                 
TOOTHACHE - Throbing, persistant, unprovoked pain is the classic symptom of a tooth abscessing.This tooth can not be helped with a filling. It will require a root canal to save, or an extraction. We will probably place you on antibiotics to get the infection under control before any treatment is initiated.
BROKEN TOOTH OR FILLING - Most chips, breaks, and fractures will be sensitive to temperature changes  for a few days and then will settle down. Be careful of cuts to your soft tissue if there is a sharp edge. Prolonged unprovoked pain is an important symptom. Be sure to make  the dentist aware of it. Hiding pain and hoping it's not important will make things worse in the long run.Contact our office so we can fit you into our schedule to evaluate or repair the tooth.If the fracture is significant, we will probably do a buildup (a large filling) and then plan to do crown to structurally protect the tooth.                                                                                                                     
CROWN CAME OFF - This can be a very stressful situation especially if the missing crown is on a front tooth. These circumstances vary widely from simply recementing your crown back on to having to remove the remaining tooth and prosthetically replacing it.  We will try to recement your crown if it is at all possible, even as a temporary means until more definitive treatment can be done.                                 
BROKEN PARTIAL OR FULL DENTURE - Many repairs can be done in the office in a reasonably short time ( 1-2 days). When the repair requires soldering or extensive repair, we usually have to send the appliance out to a local laboratory which usually takes 3-5 days. An old or spare appliance or denture is a great idea!